The HIDDEN Project

The HIDDEN consortium develops materials and their processes to functional battery layers as scalable, industry compatible, manufacturing technologies enabling sustainable energy storage technology with longer battery lifetime and higher energy storage capacity for more efficient utilization for sustainable, carbon free energy production technologies.

Our Aims:

  • To develop novel self-healing thermotropic liquid crystalline electrolytes and piezoelectric separator technologies
  • To investigate both technologies with protective additives
  • To apply multiscale modelling means for electrolyte design and analysis algorithm to monitor the dendrite growth

Technologies will be upscaled from laboratory to industrial manufacturing processes, tested and finally demonstrated by assembling battery cells with battery layers and the temperature control system.

The HIDDEN Process

Synthesis of liquid crystals & additives Modelling, BIG-MAP approach MATERIALS Hot melt coating of electrolyte Li anode handling NMC cathode Piezoelectric separator Heating Element BATTERY PARTS PROCESSING ANALYSIS Non-invasive analysing tool Integration into BMS ESRF Heating Element Cell Assembly NMC cathode Hot melt coating of electrolyte Piezoelectric separator Heating system Module assembly BATTERY CELLS BATTERY MODULES

HIDDEN Fast Facts

3,9 mil. €
Total Budget


Months Duration


The HIDDEN Consortium

The project brings together a strong interdisciplinary consortium of seven partners, industry and research balanced, with state-of-the-art background in battery chemistry and physics, materials modelling and analysis, upscaling of novel technologies by printing and coating, as well as in industrial assembling of battery cells