BAT4EVER project – a “sister project” under Battery 2030+ initiative


BAT4EVER (Autonomous polymer based self-healing components for high performant LIBs), led by Dr. Maitane Berecibar, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, aims to develop and study a new type of Li-ion batteries that integrates self-healing polymers in silicon anodes, core-shell structured cathodes and electrolytes. The self-healing batteries of BAT4EVER will tolerate the micro damages and compensate for element loses during multiple recharging cycles. They will be safer and more durable as well as store and retain more energy than today’s batteries by introducing sophisticated healing mechanisms.

BAT4EVER refers to microscopic self-healing of the micro-damages generated during repetitive charging/discharging processes at the Silicon anodes, NMC-based cathodes and electrolytes aiming a significantly improved charge-discharge cycle and calendar life of the Li-ion batteries.

These challenging tasks will be overcome by applying self-healing polymer coverage around Si-NPs on the anode side and by synthesizing core-shell structured and thus redox-stabilised cathode nano-particles that are embedded in M-ions and H-bonds induced polymers. Ionogel and covalent bonded gels will initiate curing ability to the electrolytes.

These battery component development acts will be supported with extensive use of material and structure characterisation methods and with atomistic modelling and cell simulation efforts.

The processing technologies will be transferred to the scaling team of the consortium for prototype manufacturing. The prototypes will be tested under varies environmental and in next-generation cell phones as a case study.

You can find more information about the BAT4EVER project here.

The HIDDEN project is a proud member of the Battery 2030+ initiative, together with the BAT4EVER project.