BIG-MAP project – a “sister project” under Battery 2030+ initiative


BIG-MAP (Battery Interface Genome – Materials Acceleration Platform), led by Professor Tejs Vegge, Technical University of Denmark, will develop AI-assisted methods to accelerate the discovery of new materials and battery concepts. It is based on creating new computational models and experimental methods that can go hand in hand towards an understanding of the complex reactions that take place within the battery. It seeks to understand which electrode materials and electrolytes can be best combined to get a battery to store as much energy as possible or to be able to charge quickly in different situations.

The BIG-MAP vision is to develop a modular, closed-loop infrastructure and methodology to bridge physical insights and data-driven approaches to accelerate the discovery of sustainable battery chemistries and technologies. BIG-MAP’s strategy is to cohesively integrate machine learning, computer simulations and AIorchestrated experiments and synthesis to accelerate battery materials discovery and optimization. The project will be a lever to create the infrastructural backbone of a versatile and chemistry-neutral European Materials Acceleration Platform, capable of reaching a 10-fold increase in the rate of discovery of novel battery materials and interfaces.

You can find more information about the BIG-MAP project here and here.

The HIDDEN project is a proud member of the Battery 2030+ initiative, together with the BIG-MAP project.