INSTABAT project – a “sister project” under Battery 2030+ initiative


INSTABAT (Innovative physical / virtual sensor platform for battery cell) project is led by Dr. Maud Priour, CEA France, and four embedded physical sensors (optical fibers with Fiber Bragg Grating and luminescence probes, reference electrode and photo-acoustic gas sensor) and two virtual sensors (based on electro-chemical and thermal reduced models) will be developed to perform reliable in operando monitoring of battery cell key parameters. The ambition of INSTABAT is to monitor in operando key parameters of a Li-ion battery cell, in order to provide higher accuracy States of Charge, Health, Power, Energy and Safety (SoX) cell indicators, and thus allowing to improve the safety and the Quality, Reliability and Life (QRL) of batteries.

You can find more information about the INSTABAT project here.

The HIDDEN project is a proud member of the Battery 2030+ initiative, together with the INSTAMAP project.