SENSIBAT project – a “sister project” under Battery 2030+ initiative


SENSIBAT (Cell-integrated sensing functionalities for smart battery systems with improved performance and safety), led by Jon Crego, Ikerlan in Spain, will create sensors that measure batteries’ internal temperature, pressure, conductivity, and impedance. Such sensors will be integrated in a battery system and will allow the development of advanced battery state algorithms. The results will be used to achieve more accurate control and increased performances of the battery throughout its lifetime.

SENSIBAT’s overall objective is to develop a sensing technology for Li-ion batteries that measures in real-time the internal battery cell temperature, pressure (e.g. mechanical strain, gas evolution) conductivity and impedance (separately for the anode, cathode and electrolyte). The data and insights from these new sensing technologies will be used for the development of improved state estimator functions based on an improved understanding of how, where and when degradation and failure mechanisms occur.

You can find more information about the SENSIBAT project here.

The HIDDEN project is a proud member of the Battery 2030+ initiative, together with the SENSIBAT project.