SPARTACUS project – a “sister project” under Battery 2030+ initiative


SPARTACUS (Spatially resolved acoustic, mechanical and ultrasonic sensing for smart batteries), led by Gerhard Domann, Fraunhofer ISC, Germany, will develop integrated acousto-mechanical and thermal sensors and combine them with advanced impedance spectroscopy to detect and understand reactions that lead to battery degradation. This comprehensive sensor solution will enable advanced battery management that allows for fast charging of battery modules without any substantial negative impact on lifetime and safety.

The project aims to develop cost-effective sensors that detect degradation and failure mechanisms before the battery’s loss of performance. Temperature sensors, as well as mechanical and acoustic sensors completed by electrochemical impedance measurement will be developed. The project will correlate sensor data to battery performance and corresponding models. It will continuously monitor the state of different parameters so that the battery can be cycled on an age-dependent optimum level. In addition, an advanced battery management system will be developed. Exploiting sensor data, cell monitoring could be improved leading to more efficient and safer batteries without the risk of overheating, fire or explosion.

You can find more information about the SPARTACUS project here.

The HIDDEN project is a proud member of the Battery 2030+ initiative, together with the SPARTACUS project.