Strategic Research Agenda for batteries


An interesting document was published by Batteries Europe, a European Technology and Innovation Platform. In the study titled “Strategic Research Agenda for batteries 2020” the experts of Batteries Europe have identified the key topics which must be addressed across the entire battery value chain and the urgency with which these topics need to be addressed. A short quote from the report: “To support the upcoming short-term needs of the battery industry, it is imperative that generation 3 (optimised Li ion), then generation 4a (solid state Li ion) and generation 4b (solid state Li metal) are addressed now, with a view to having new differentiating European battery technology on the market from 2025. The applications of these battery chemistries will also be variable and tailorable from high power to high energy requirements thus boosting the variety of industries which can be supported by break though research on these generations of battery chemistries. It is especially important to focus on both materials and cell manufacturing to enable effective and cost competitive upscaling. Battery manufacturing is one specific part of the value chain to which extra research efforts must be focused as this is currently a significant weakness in Europe.” Access the full report here.